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The Children's Corner Preschool is located at the corner of Pauline and Pleasant Streets in Winthrop, Massachusetts.


Learning Environment
The design of the physical environment is an integral part of our program. Our indoor and outdoor environments are spacious, clean, safe, and attractive to children.
Our classrooms are divided into learning centers. Children have plenty of time each day to interact with one another and with curriculum material in each center. Our program recognizes that young children need many opportunities to experiment and to explore in order to construct and to extend their knowledge; therefore, materials are generally made available for several weeks so that children can revisit them.

There is a computer center, a woodworking bench, a play-dough table, block areas, a music center, and a dramatic play area with dressup. An indoor sand table, a listening center with headphones, a library, writing centers, a table for small manipulatives, an art area, and a science table, are also centers in the environment. Throughout the preschool there is an effort to create opportunities for children to interact. Creating preschool classrooms that are aesthetically pleasing is a high priority at The Children’s Corner. Multicultural artwork, learning materials and photographs create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all children. Materials are neatly displayed so that they are easy for children to locate and return after use. Children’s projects and artwork are also displayed.
Natural Playground
We are proud to provide our student with a natural playground. There is an exciting new movement in children’s outdoor play areas: natural playscapes. While many playgrounds are filled with plastic or metal climbing apparatus surrounded by wood chips or gravel, a natural playscape makes creative use of the entire area and is filled with art, pathways, herbs, trees, open areas, sand, water, music, and more.
Our playscape has a bike path. It has raised flower and vegetable beds, art and music. It is loaded with sensory elements. For example, simple herbs like mint and lavender add scents to a child's environment and create their own atmosphere that surrounds children as they play. Please feel free to borrow any of our resource books. You may also google 'natural playgrounds' if you are interested in creating a natural playscape at home.
Even the smallest amount of nature in a playscape makes a big difference in the world of children. Children's access to nature has always been an important issue, but has recently become a hot topic among educators and researchers. Research in early childhood education is showing that when children have access to the natural world, even if only a daily glimpse of it, their quality of life is improved. Studies are proving that green spaces are lowering children's stress levels and decrease the rate of attention deficit disorders.



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